Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Australia
Label: Columbia/ Sony Music Australia
Year: 2020

Another studio return that might be able to give chills down to the fans of the old hard rock fans’ spine, is that of AC / DC, with “Power Up”. The album is into the spotlight, for various reasons. On the one hand, this is the 17th album for the Australians, six years after “Rock or Bust” which gave several pleasant listenings up to really recently. On the other hand, it seals the return of Brian Johnson to the reins of the microphone, gets Phil Rudd back behind the drums and Cliff Williams to tap his good ol’ bass again. They have all left during the recent years for many reasons, yet they have returned. But one absence is as shocking, and that is of Malcolm Young. This album is dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest guitarists the music industry has ever known.

Let’s be honest. This legendary band has absolutely nothing to prove, nor Ir can rediscover music, especially the hard rock identity it represents. This is something that new bands, such as Airbourne, have the opportunity to take on as a responsibility. The Australians just gave their hardcore fans around the world the opportunity to add an equally beautiful and nice piece of jewelry to their record store collection. The twelve tracks that create “Power Up”, are exactly what we expect from AC / DC in the year 2020 AD. A genuine, hard rocking, vagrant record with this audio signature that makes them stand out even for someone who has not heard more than five tracks from the band for his entire life.

Without being absolutely sure how the future of the band is being defined, “Power Up” seems to “close” in a way a trilogy that started with “Black Ice” in 2008 and continued with “Rock or Bust” in 2014, until it reaches here, today. It ‘s mandatory to appreciate the bands that continue to mark their presence in such an arrogant way, despite any difficulties that have hindered their career, and of course the conditions under which they keep the machine rolling, no matter if they have to do with age, health, or just plenty of disagreements that may have existed within such an old scheme as this. This record had to be made, and it was made in the best possible way. For Malcolm fucking Young!