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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2017

“The Rise of Chaos” is the fifteenth studio album by German legends of Heavy Metal, Accept. This is their first album with guitarist Uwe Lulis (Grave Digger, Rebellion) and drummer Christopher Williams, replacing Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann respectively. Like their previous three studio albums, “The Rise of Chaos” was produced by Andy Sneap, making it the band’s fourth collaboration with him. And at the same time the 4th release with Tornillo behind the mic and at the same time 4th time under the safety of Nuclear Blast Records. No one expected and probably no one ever wanted from Accept to re-invent the steel. But unfortunately, we are dealing with a rather weak album here. I think that we might lose something really important when we try to satisfy the fanboy that lives inside our body every time our favorite band releases a new album. It is not the same thing to eat a good meal every little while that is been cooked with the same way or the same recipe and been served the exact same plate cooked twice or more…  Unfortunately, Accept may be on an excellent shape if we speak for their live performances but it is the second album in a row that the compositions are almost flat and quite generic. All you that bought this year 2cd live album please tell me which song from ‘Stalingrad’ or ‘Blood of The Nations’ would replace on the tracklisting of Restless & Live to add any song taken from ‘The Rise Of Chaos’ (don’t forget to put your hand on your heart too please)… The album gets off with the track ‘Die by the Sword’ that tries to sound catchy with its simple refrain made to be singalong from the fans. ‘Koolaid’ is another simple as fuck song that lead to ‘Analog Man’ (same theme as Nuclear Assault’s ‘Analogue Man in a Digital World ‘track from 2015’ Pounder EP) that is one of the most AC/DC songs Accept ever wrote. There’s no great job on the guitar solo on any of the above-mentioned songs and only in ‘World Colliding’ some heads are gonna roll with its groovy riffs. ‘Carrying the Weight of the World’ sound too power metal to my ears but it is an ok tune, ’‘No Regrets’ starts nice but it is nothing extra ordinary after all and the catchy “What’s Done is Done” says on the chorus:

What is done is done… the bullet’s left the gun/ What is done is done when the bullet’s left the gun/ What is done is done, it’s over, you can’t unring the bell’,

but it seems that Accept never heard the bell that rang on ‘Blind Rage’…Only for the fanatics and the ones that have a tattoo ‘Accept Uber alles’ on their arms.