Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2021

Lost Realm Records strikes again with another forgotten gem of obscure Metal. This time they offer us a cult item from a genuine US Thrasher from Michigan, Aceldama. Their strange moniker has a Biblical reference and actually means/is the potter’s field bought with the money Judas had been paid for betraying Christ.  Aceldama is taken from the Greek Akeldama, from Aramaic ḥăqēl dĕmā, literally, field of blood. 

Some of you may know Aceldama’s most known work, 1996’s “Blood”. Yet their finest release is “V7” that Lost Realm Records cut in 500 pieces. “V7” was only available on cassette tape and a very rare item nowadays.

The founding members were Deve Beerh on drums and Amjad Syed on guitars. Even though they started as a melodic Heavy Metal band, very soon the music direction became darker, heavier, louder and faster. Before they ended in their final lineup, the one that recorded “V7” and “Blood”, the guys from the Great Lakes State had known 4 bassists, 4 drummers and..3 vocalists…!

The “V7 demo” was recorded as a trio, featuring Doug Julian (drums), Amjad Syed(guitar) and Fred Poole (vocals, bass, in Midland, Michigan back in 1992.

The sound is raw and almost primitive, but is the proper one for the genre they serve. Dynamic, fast and furious Thrash Metal the European (even British) and Teutonic way. No, you read it right. Aceldama sounds closer to European scene of the late 80’s rather the American way. Actually you will hear many elements or/and influences from Destruction, Deathwish, Sodom and Whiplash.

All 7 songs of the album are full of hate and speedy parts that make you wanna bang your head over and over in a frenetic rhythm. The constantly changing of riffs enriches their music that may lack of originality, still has the quality to stand side by side to the elite of Thrash metal. Excellent work from Bart Gabriel (producer) on the original tapes that helped the compositions to shine.

My favorite moments are: the devastating opener “Sung By The Priest”, “Into the Mourning”, “Death Angel” and “Blackened Souls”.