Acid Death, 7Hard Records, Greece, Progressive,News, 2019

Watch the official lyric video for Acid Death’s first digital single “Godless Shrines”, coming from band’s 6th album, “Primal Energies”, officially out today, March 15th 2019 via 7hard Records.

The production of the album was handled by Acid Death along with Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, ex-Kreator). The drums were recorded at Devasoundz Studios with the help of Fotis Benardo, while the other instruments were recorded in S.I.A. Recordings under the supervidion of leading mind, band leader, singer and bassist, Savvas Betinis. Mixing and mastering took place at New Sound Studios in Zurich by Martin Zeller, while the artwork cover was created by Giannis Nakos (Mortal Torment).