Genre: Technical Thrash
Country: Greece
Label: 7hard
Year: 2019

A little bit before the release of this album their label 7hard and the band organized a pre-listening of the record. Truth is, it’s been more than three months since that evening. A couple of days before that, we were hanging out in Exarcheia with a guy who wanted to enter the magazine’s team. Even though I’d like to move on to the talk, I chose as his first quest the pre-listen of this record. At that moment, a street seller was giving out used books. He had four of them, all for ten euros. Of course I didn’t give that much, since the person looked to be in real need and I didn’t wanna bring him down, so I left him three books and I bought one in a lower price for me. The book I also already had. A collection of stories by O. Henry. The title is: “Confessions of a Humorist”, a collection of stories. I did it to give it as a gift to my new co-worker and now, friend. The reason was that the self-titled story describes a humorist that wins the love and respect of everyone with his stories, but at some point reaches a writing endpoint, since every discussion he has, every influence he gets, he tries to convert it into a funny story. This, which is impossible to achieve, leaves the hero of the story in distress, it drives him into despair and no inspiration, but also in the disapproval of his followers and social cycle. We, people who deal with album presentations and reviews, also fall into the same loop, since every album we get our hands on, especially new releases, we just think of what to write about it. I don’t know if he read it, but he didn’t send anything about the pre-release or a review of the album. It’s ok, because he has sent many other posts since then, in genres closer to his likes. Me, listening after such a delay to Primal Energies, I finally found something to listen to as a simple fan and not as a journalist. Without having to think about what to write, how to present it to the readers of Invader. And in the age that everything gets forgotten in a split second, this is even more important. Musically, the album continues with the experimental setup Betinis has in his dreams. Technical thrash, with progressive elements and sounds of santouri in “Reality and Fear”, in an ethnic (not folk) touch, to enrich this, already stepping towards different soundscapes, record, like the saxophone solo in “My Bloody Crown”. It reminds of Coroner at times, not just because of the strong production of Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, Kreator). It doesn’t lack aggressiveness, and it isn’t tilted towards complexity and against the extreme element, everything happens naturally. Probably their best musical effort and surely more mature. The standards were high, they were not simply raised now…