Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: England
Label: Dissonance Productions
Year: 2019

A decade ago, perhaps, when we heard about a reunion, we were going to talk about real news. Now news is those who remain in mothballs. After the very good record of their compatriots Xentrix, it’s time for Acid Reign to show us whether they can have a place in the scene of today. It is necessary to note that from the original composition only Howard Smith remains in the vocals. So, we’re basically talking about a fresh band trying to honor Acid Reign’s past. If you liked their two records and their EP, you won’t be disappointed with their new effort. They remain uplifting, they have great ideas, Howard sings in his recognizable style, the rhythms vary and remains the flirtation they have always had with Crossover. This time more classic metal elements intrude, certainly not to an extent that corrupts the thrash background. This variety that exists in the record, is his great trump card. Acid Reign was always treated as a mock band, in a good sense, a fact which may deprived them of the wider acceptance, on the other hand, is an element of their personality. The main thing, as in the case of Tankard, is that they take themselves seriously about the composition of the music and simply dress it in the envelope they want. I am referring to this just because I think they can stand up to the metal reality of today. I don’t know if we are many people that were delighted on hearing the news about new material, but the record is strongly recommended, and to people who have not been following the group. As the chorus of “#newagenarcissist” says…”Everybody wants to be me”. British humor, eh;