Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Alone Records
Year: 2015

Greek metal introduces yet another new band from Thessaloniki. This city has already presented many bands and composers in the past and now is back for a notable group as well. It’s called Aeons of Hate and is playing thrash/death metal music. Their first strike is the debut album “Aeons of Hate” and is out for order. Aris on vocals/bass, Stamatis on drums and Nick on guitars are armed with passion for pure metal and offer a quite remarkable release.

Thousands of tones from the classical guitar riffs of attacking thrash metal make their appearance from the very first notes. Sometimes guitars follow more technical and complicated paths that lead to a different climbing passage with the energy of hateful run. Heavy and rhythm bass fulfils the whole atmosphere and at the same time the faster gun-fired parts hammer your brain at best. Drums, giving the main beat and of course the passion, complete this wonderful feeling that exists from the beginning of this release. Moreover, Stamatis plays simple and easy parts while other moments his technical paintings picture the sweetest scene in the world. Last but not least, Aris on vocals sculpture this Greek soft marble with no mercy and without making any kind of scratches. He follows either thrash or death metal paths avoiding to draw the longbows.

Generally, a powerful release is out there and you would be better checking it soon. Thrash and death metal elements are combined in a very simple and fine way without calling for more strange rides. Anyone in this release knew what he had to do and did it well. Its sound reminds the equivalent of speed/thrash/death metal at the late of ’80s. It’s a fantastic feeling to listen to this kind of music now with the sound of then, isn’t it (Older guys, who grew up that period, can understand it easily)?

Recommended Songs: “Sands of Deception”, “Aeons of Hate”, “Collaps” and Dark Woods”