‘Unstoppable Force’ is the second album (and third release) by the Americans Agent Steel after the amazing 1985’s debut ‘Skeptics Apocalypse’ and the 1986’s EP ‘Mad Locust Rising’. A band with few but maniac fans and one of the most distinctive singers (with ‘love or hate” high vocals/screams) and the equally distinctive themes with aliens (later Hypocrisy’s lyrics will follow a similar path). Merciless attack from the first second, guitars-razors from the duo Bernie Versailles/Juan Garcia who vomits fire and crams a dozen of riffs (at least) to every song while solos are unstoppable, screams of frequencies high, from alien lands by John Cyriis as if there is no tomorrow (even though without losing any heaviness or aggression, the vocals sounded more mature; a bit softer and cleaner if we want to see a difference with their debut), (characteristic) solid rhythm section from Michael Zaputil and Chuck Profus. From the year’s before high-class EP, the band had been evolved synthetic and improved their playing. But in the Unstoppable Force U.S. Power and Thrash intersects in a hellish Speed metal album containing songs that other musicians would kill to have written. Songs like ‘Chosen To Stay’ and ‘Still Searchin’’ are found neither in any album of Crimson Glory, the same-titled one is the ultimate ultrasonic anthem, the already known (from “Mad Locust Rising”),‘The Day At Guyana’ is one of the 

best instrumental song ever -and here is used an improved version- emotionally closing with ‘Traveler’ which unleashed the abilities of the Americans, ‘Rager’ has an addictive rhythm and a beautiful solo, while ‘Indestructive’ depend on the exquisite second gang vocals in the chorus. Very good production (before they define the death metal sound) in Morrisound Recording Studios in Tampa, Florida. And while everything seemed perfect, in 1988 they split-up, while Cyriis announced that he will disappear from the music scene to continue his quest to metaphysical… Despite the unexpected turn the album is in the pantheon of this sub-genre (and in the entire golden decade for all metal genres) and became an album-definition of Speed Metal. Necessary for fans of Helstar, Liege Lord (the two first albums), Heathen, Overkill (the first album), Abattoir, Exciter and Savage Grace. The urban legend claims (actually it is the true story, I just weanted to add a little more mystery…) that Cyriis during the recordings of the album bought Rage For Order and was so impressed by the performance of Tate, that wanted to re-record his lines. Combat Records freaked out when they realized that Cyriis wanted to change his vocals to even more melodic approaching, something that would probably destroy the band, as all of its members were quick-tempered and had a tendency to be easily irritable. Eventually something that wasn’t avoided afterall. 

* The album was released by Combat Records in March 1987 and reissued in 1999 by Century Media with the four tracks from the Mad Locust Rising EP on the end. There are a number of versions of Unstoppable Force. The original Japanese release contains the bonus track ‘The Ripper (Judas Priest Cover)’. A certain re-release contains the song ‘The Unexpected (Live)’ which was also a bonus track on the Skeptics Apocalypse album. This song has never been recorded in a studio and has only been performed and recorded live.