Genre: Power / Speed / Thrash Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Release: 1992, 2021
Label: DIY – Lost Realm Records (vinyl)

Over time, Texas has been the birthplace of many bands that have either successfully written their name in the pages of music history, or paved the way for other bands / expanded the musical horizon of their time. Brilliant examples are Helstar, Rigor Mortis, Verbal Abuse, Watchtower, SA Slayer, Juggernaut, Power Trip, DRI and so on. Aggressor was one of the bands that also emerged from the vibrant local scene in the mid-1980s. Having released two demos (“There’s Metal In Texas” 1987, “Just A Fool” 1990) and generally gaining the favor of the underground audience that frequented the local clubs of the time, Aggressor released their first – and only to date – complete full length album, entitled “By Any Means Necessary”, in 1992. For many fans of both then and now, this album is one of the most characteristic in US Metal, as well as an album that caused / continued the expansion of the genre. “By Any Means Necessary” consists of a rich rhythm section, with a plethora of riffs and solos, based on the enthusiastic and adventurous – if I may say so – general composition of the album. Sturdy guitars, discreet but always present bass, drums with a variety of sound and aesthetics and especially amazing vocal lines. I consider Stoney Paul to be one of the most integrated voices in the music universe of the time, with a wide range, exceptional management skills and a special vocal color / tone. His variations, namely, the moments when he sings at lower frequencies remind me of Stacy Andersen of the beloved Hallows Eve, so it would be impossible not to have a slight weakness for them. In general, this is an album that doesn’t tire the listener, nor does it have subdued moments, even if the total recording exceeds the 52 minutes. Furthermore, the band’s furious playing that seems to be all injected with steroids and the alternations and breaks in rhythms combined with the mixing of different elements of extreme music (meaning that it includes elements from speed, classic thrash, power, heavy etc) make this effort exceptionally unique. The album was recorded in the winter of 1991 at Hot Dog Studios in Houston by Spyder Mike on bass, Ken Pride on drums, Scary Larry on guitars and Stoney Paul on vocals. Skol Records handled the reissue of “By Any Means Necessary” releasing it on CD in 2018, while Lost Realm Records released the album in a 12” double vinyl format (350 copies; 250 black & 100 orange vinyl) in February 2021.