Genre: Progressive
Country: Greece
Label: Steel Galery Records
Year: 2014

I decided to write down my impressions for the mini EP “A Blot on the Landscape” of Agnosia, as it interested me and I wanted to share with you the very good impressions left me with. The piano introduction of the track “In Awareness” (I do not know why, but for a moment it reminded me of Within Temptation’s “Restless”), clearly prefigures the musical content of the disc: Progressive. Dream Theater come to mind as the first notes of the “Pain and Sickness” pop up, while soon enough we experience one of the greatest assets of the band, the frontman’s beautiful voice. All tracks on the record, although moving in slow, medium pace, with some quick bursts, won’t leave you indifferent but will constantly urge your senses to absorb every musical passage. “A Blot on the Landscape”, is an excellent, full with melodies record; a musical creation resulting from the integrity of the musicians, inspiration and a good synthetic ability. You dare to pick out “Dyadic Ecounter”, “Numb”, and “Pain and Sickness” and the reciting poetic lyrics of “In Awareness” deserve your attention.