Genre: Hardcore
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2019

Agnostic Front, the godfathers of hardcore are back with their fifteen studio full length and you probably are wondering why you should be bothered for another record from these veterans. “Get Loud!” is all about hardcore has ever claimed to be and all of the devotees of the genre wanted ever to hear. There’s no surprises here the band is one with their fans and the lyrics and the attitude is all about the everyday struggle against the rotten society and/or the music industry. Musically once again we can’t find many differences from their earlier works as nobody want something like that from these knickerbockers. Never mind we are talking about mid 50s musicians, because you will totally miss what the album actually stands for. The album compiled of 14 tracks of pure hardcore integrity, honesty, loyalty and aggression delivered with big hooks, gang vocals, d-beat rhythms and frantic guitars, but still includes some thrashy and punky variety. And Rogers’ characteristic voice and a surprisingly nostalgic artwork coming by the hand of Sean Taggart, bringing tears of joy and a big smile to the old school die-hards that will remember the glorious 1986’s “Cause For Alarm”. “Get Loud!” was produced by Roger Miret while long time friend Paul Miner handled the recording, mixing and mastering of the record at Buzzbomb Studio in Orange, CA.