Genre: Folk / Power Metal
Country: U.K.
Company: Napalm Records
Year: 2020

Just as in life you don’t have to take everything seriously, so it is sometimes in music. Alestorm are of this perception and along with bands like Korpiklaani have created a strong stream of followers. The fun is pervasive everywhere. In video clips, the lyrics, the mood and their live performances. Especially if you run into them at a festival, you won’t believe your eyes with the mess they create. With a huge duck dominating the stage, they play people on their toes and make them drink and dance incessantly while they are on stage. It’s good to remember what you need and have fun while listening to music. After it became clear what Alestorm are, we can go to the inner parts of “Curse of the Crystal Coconut”. Their previous album, “No Grave but the Sea”, was the weakest moment of their discography so with their current album I think they had to prove some things. Fortunately, overall, it moves to more qualitative levels. The basic ingredients remain the same. Folk Metal but with some Power Metal puffs, choruses you want to singalong and dance to and a relaxed theme for Pirates and drinkers. The songs have a better flow and manage to create a wide smile of satisfaction. The catchy melodies are given profusely and I think will greatly satisfy their fans. As it is, the title “Zombie Ate My Pirate Ship” makes you feel drunk before you even start drinking…