Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Country: Greece, Thessaloniki
Label: Sound Effect Records
Year: 2018

It is well known that the psychedelic essence Thessaloniki as a city emits has often been musically expressed via its artists. A recent example justifying that is the release of the Alien Mustangs’ first full length album through Sound Effect Records. Although they are not first-timers, since they already have a number of DIY releases, last May they finally made their first official step in the music industry by releasing the album “Alienation”. Its main ingredient is adventurous rock’n’roll in complete harmony with the aforementioned psychedelia. Ecstatic space-y / cosmic energy, enough to fly you into the universe and let you venture there, basically sprouting from the deep-tuned guitars that seem to be the pillars of this release in general. Some traces of blues and hard rock also make their appearance embellishing the basic structures of Alien Mustangs. Give them a chance and if you can, catch them live. Trust me! The album was released in black and clear vinyl on a limited number of copies, but also on all known digital platforms. Below, you’ll be able to find the album in full streaming through the band’s official bandcamp page.