Genre: Crust/Hardcore Punk
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Southern Lord
Year: 2017

A few years ago (or, to be honest, more than a few) most “true” metalheads discarded bands that were, in any way, related to hardcore. Thankfully, that type of mentality is now a thing of the past, an exception, belonging to people who are too obsessed with being “cult” and “true”. Nowadays lovers of the extreme sound don’t care that much for labels and appreciate good bands and albums. If you belong to the exception then don’t bother reading this review. Not unless you are ready to go beyond your safe space and listen to something loud and hard but in a different style.

All Pigs Must Die hail from from USA and have been around since 2010. In their 7 years of existence they have released 3 LPs and 4 EPs. Not bad at all, considering that they haven’t calmed down yet and they play what they know best: true and angry metalcore, combined with hardcore punk elements. We don’t really need to say a lot about their music. Typical, but good, compositions, accompanied by angry vocals that fit combine perfectly as much with their music as with their full of hate lyrics. In “Hostage Animal” there are really short songs, like “Meditation of Violence” with a duration of only 52 seconds, that may be simple (composition-wise) but that simplicity makes it great, and more complex and long tracks like “Slave Morality”, “End Without End” and “Heathen Reign”, with a darker sound and slower pace but without losing the momentum they build in the rest of the album.

Nice and decent to its origins sound, appropriate for the mosh pit but probably not so suitable to listen at home, the band is not liable you react violently to the complaining neighbor (it’s the neighbor’s fault after all, he should learn to listen to some real music).