Italian black metallers Altar Of Perversion are back, 17 years after their debut ‘From Dead Temples (Towards the Ast’ral Path)’. The group is going to release a new album, entitled ‘Intra Naos’, on April 15th via The Ajna Offensive (N. America) and Norma Evangelium Diaboli (Europe). Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.

Tracklisting for Altar of Perversion’s Intra Naos
1. Adgnosco Veteris Vestigia Flammae
2. She Weaves Abyssal Riddles and Eorthean Gates
3. Behind Stellar Angles II
4. Cosmic Thule, Inner Temple
5. Subcosmos Archetypes
6. Through Flickering Stars, They Seep

Listen to the new song ‘She Weaves Abyssal Riddles and Eorthean Gates’