Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2020

Ambush in a fuckin’ fair world would have been popular from day 1 and the release of their debut. Honestly the have the whole package and the play this traditional Heavy Metal perfectly. As instrumentalists they are fine, they write great songs and they achieved to release 3 perfect albums in a row. I guess that it is rather early to judge something like that, and we should let time to decide it. Of course there will be definitely several hearings, but I think that “Infidel” is their best work up to now. Probably this 5 year gap worked for them, as the gap between their debut and their sophomore release was only one year. This time we have a line-up change as Karl Dotzek replaced Adam Hagelin on guitars. Oskar Jakobsson is singing with extra confidence, and here we hear him perform full and concise. On the other hand nothing has changed and we can still deal with spunky and fiery metal with razor blade guitars, full of wonderful solos and a hard as a rock rhythm section. In my humble opinion what sets Ambush apart their colleagues is their ability to compose melodies that stick to your mind, as you keep singing them all day. When I say melodies this might include a guitar theme, a catchy bridge, or even an addictive chorus. The fact that no songs lasts too long also plays a role in their immediacy. I don’t see any highlight as all compositions are equally awesome. If “Infidel” had been released in the 80’s, we would be talking about a diamond of its time and we would be overflowing with nostalgia. But we are lucky to see it happen now.