Genre: Τhrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Massacre Records
Year: 2022

I follow Amken from their early beginning and the “Adrenaline Shot” EP, in 2014. Despite the fact that they were quite young and inexperienced, they had very good compositions despite the limitations imposed by the genre. In their concerts, they were amazing as they played furiously but also with great accuracy. Their first album “Theatre of the Absurd” in 2017, confirmed that Amken is a group with great potential. Τhe 5 years that have passed since then for their new album “Passive Aggressive” is certainly a lot, but I don’t know the reasons for this delay. I hope that the momentum has not been lost for the band because after all we are talking about a work in which they have improved on all levels. The vocals are even rougher, the musicianship more consistent, in the mid tempo parts the rhythm section is powerful, the leads provide melodies and make the songs stand out, the riffs (in fast parts) are amazing and in general they are improved in the field of song-writing. “Passive Aggression” is an emphatic step forward. The lyrics are once again socio-political and unfortunately our time gives us many occasions for such lyrics. All the songs on the album are at the same high level. “Passive Aggression” is one of the best thrash albums you will listen this year and Amken is one of the best bands of their generation. If they manage to release their next album sooner and if it is at this level or even higher, they will become one of the most important ambassadors of thrash metal.