Genre : Rock/Experimental/Alternative
Country : United Kingdom
Label : Kscope music
Year : 2017

Anathema has been a great chapter in my musical paths as a listener since 1998, when they gained my attention and I dived into their world. 19 years later, following every step they took and respecting their tendency for experimentation and change in their musical direction, they still manage to keep my interest going on for every new release of theirs, such as “The Optimist”, a sequel to “Fine Day To Exit”. However, this doesn’t mean that I have no objection regarding the fact that they remain stegnant to the track’s compositions. A big exception is “Springfield” (which was the band’s initial release to their audience, before its official date). As we can see the post rock mood is more intense than ever within a six minute long with big expectations (for what we would like to hear from the rest of the album) track, which is probably the highlight within the 58 minutes of total running time. From there on, there is “Close Your Eyes”, which is moving into more jazz paths, despite not making a difference in comparison to the others, while the self titled track, Endless Wats, Cannot Let Go (that sounds like the little brother of Get Off Go,Get Out), ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Back To The Start’, contain the classical, intense and emotional elements the band always offers to its audience. We have heard them before in some previous releases (previous three to be accurate), playing with the same orchestration and with the same musical pattern. Ok, I do neither wish to rediscover America nor to listen to an entire new Alternative 4, but I definitely have my requests and I firmly believe that each and every one of you (especially the older fans) who have grown up with masterpieces such as Eternity, Judgement and Alternative 4. When it comes to a degree It’s 3,5 from me considering my love for this band. The half unit wins because of the name Anathema, so…