Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Stormspell Records
Year: 2021

I cannot find not even one serious reason why Ancient Empire are not so popular or well known to Heavy Metal fans, as also to U.S. Power ones. From 2014 until now, they have a 6 in a row record releases in which every album is better than the previous one. In all this productivity, Joe Liszt manages to be creative with the awesome Shadowkiller as well. If there’s one Ancient Empire album that isn’t top notch, not that is a bad one of course, then we talk about “Wings of the Fallen,” their exact previous release. So there was an informal bet here, to prove that their course will take an upward trajectory again.

“Priest of Stygia” happily wins the bet from hello. It has all the magic of classic heavy metal, with their 80’s teachings, in the way that got so many of us in this incredible world of this music. But it also has the freshness of a today band. Rhythmic and sharp riffs, nice bass lines, dynamic drums, uplifting parts and the “warm” voice of Joe Liszt that colors the compositions so beautifully. As I said in the beginning, Ancient Empire does not have anything that can underwhelm you. They have the whole package; they also have the way to write great songs.

“Priest of Stygia” is the new arrow in their quiver, see what I’ve done here…connecting it with the album title…lol. This is their second finest moment as only “The Tower” can claim that is a better album, but there we are talking about their ultimate work up ‘till now. “Priest of Stygia” contains Heavy Metal, as we want to hear it in 2021.