Genre: Black / Crust
Label: –
Country: Germany
Year: 2017

I discovered Ancst a couple of years ago completely by accident. It was one of the few times that youtube’s algorithm of proposed videos worked as intended and I have, obviously, no regrets about clicking that link. The German band has been really active, to a point that it makes me wonder if they have time to even sleep. Since 2012 and their demo, they have until now 15 releases. Granted, most of those are EPs and Splits, but still, they have managed to compose many songs in almost “no time”. Something they have achieved that without having a label to support them, they are after all a DIY band, and without compromising their sound and style. Their songs are still full of rage and a latent sadness for the decay of our society.

A politically active band, against any fascist or sexist practice and ideas, they are perhaps one of the best responses against the carcinoma called nsbm. Regardless of the political ideas (if any exist) of the listener, “Furnace” is as good as their previous release “Moloch” and I cannot think of a reason for someone to skip this EP that is so characteristic of their continuous evolution in music. After all, bandcamp and its free streaming is a great way for someone to listen to Ancst and decide if they like the sound or not.