Genre: Black / Crust
Country: Germany
Label: Lifeforce Records
Year: 2018

Ancst is one of those bands that make you wonder how the hell do they find time for basic human needs, like sleep. Since 2012 they have had 17 releases and, of course, have performed live a lot. Truth be told, only 2 of those albums are full length, with the rest being EPs and splits but 17 is still an impressive number and they have managed to become well known in their respective genre.

It’s the first weeks of 2018 and Ancst have returned with a new album “Ghosts of the Timeless Void”, a decent blackened crust album that clearly shows an interesting evolution of their music. The band still has its characteristic sound but now we can easily notice new elements from different influences the band has. A prime example is “Concrete Veins”, a classic Ancst song with some Tragedy influenced riffs (00:12). “Unmasking the Imposters” (at least at its beginning) is more death metal than crust and continues in death/black motifs. In “Republic of Hatred”, one of my favorite tracks in this album, they manage to combine death/black elements with crust in a great way. The intro sample (if I am not mistaken it’s a sample from the movie “Life”) prepares us for the hate that follows. Pure fucking hate (part of the sample)? Pure fucking headbanging! The German band does more than that in this album though, in “Dysthymia” they show how they can create a dark atmosphere, with the song being a slow dark track (with the exception of one small part of it).

Ghosts of the Timeless Void” clearly shows the band’s evolution. While it is, at least, as good as their previous releases (if not better), it is surely more mature. Instead of following blindly the easy path of their usual sound they have decided to add more elements, maybe even experiment, and produce an album that is a pure Ancst album and, at the same time, something completely different.