Genre: Blackened Crust / Post Black
Label: Alerta Antifascista / Supreme Chaos Records/Resist.Rewild.Records
Country: Germany
Year: 2017

I don’t believe that we need to say much about Ancst. A rising, promising DIY band from Germany, that combines successfully black with crust. At the same time we don’t need to say much about the other participating band, King Apathy (ex Thranenkind). These 2 loud bands used their common music “groud”, black metal, to release this split. Both bands, having performed together many times in the past, decided to experiment with what it would be like if they influenced each other.

The release is fairly short, just 4 songs. “Gehenna of Fire” and “Disguise” are new songs by Ancst and King Apathy respectively, with Ancst playing Thranenkind’s (now known as King Apathy) “King Apathy” and King Apathy playing a cover of Ancst’s “Entropie”. Both new songs and covers are not just good but really interesting too, we “see” an osmosis between the 2 bands in action, an osmosis that leads to more inspiration and nice music paths for the bands to explore. Darkness, hate and violence are the feelings that characterize this split. Darkness of a rotten industrialized society, hate for that decay and finally the violence of at the revolution that is to come.

All in all a good release with 2 rising but great German bands, that belong (at least partially) to the black metal genre, that makes me impatient for new full length albums from both bands.

4.5/6 (Ancst)
4.5/6 (King Apathy)