Founder and guitarist of the Melodic Rock band Wild Rose, Andy Rock, who is also known for his solo career, has signed with Lions Pride Music for his upcoming second album “This Time”. The record will be released on 16 December 2016! It’ll include ten tracks, plus two Bonus Japan Tracks.

A small taste of what’s to come is given via the release of a lyric video for the track “Don’t Say Goodbye”. You can watch it here:

Members of the band:
Andy Rock – Guitars, Bass, Synths, Backing vocals
David Saylor – Lead & Backing Vocals
Chris Siloma – Backing Vocals & Choirs
Vaggelis Domanos – Drums & Percussion

1. What Does It Take,
2. Give Me A Reason,
3. You’re Gone,
4. Promises,
5. Don’t Say Goodbye,
6. Dreams,
7. She’s Dangerous,
8. This Time,
9. Come With Me,
10. Once In A Lifetime,
11. Sleepless Night (Bonus Track Japan),
12. Promises (Acoustic / Bonus Track Japan)