Genre: Heavy/Speed/Thrash/Groove
Country: Canada
Label: Neverland Music/Silver Lining Music
Year: 2017

Following sixteen albums and thirty years of experience, one question torments all the fans of the Canadians. Jeff, why didn’t you keep the best song from each album you released after 1999 (Criteria for a Black Widow looks like the last time the band played at top level) and on, give them to a good producer, record it with a line up that you will have first worked with in a 6 – 12 month tour, and finally release a decent, almost remarkable album? How many fillers can the poor fan handle? How much mediocrity can we endure and for how long, really. Even if the change behind the mic made things a bit better, that shows the descent of Annihilator and their continuous out of form play. Because a simply one-dimensional singer like Waters shows Padden’s weakness to give power to previous work and in fact ruined with an average singing, the overall weak compositions. Not much have changed since the previous effort with the dull Suicide Society in 2015. New members brought dynamics and fresh air, not enough to change the verdict for the band though. Bassist Rich Hinks, who helped with the production as a sound engineer as well as contributing to the tracks, and drummer Fabio Alessandrini are the two new additions and they are not to blame since the problem goes to Waters himself. Some good moments, 2-3 good choruses and the excellent shredding from the leader of the Canadians, doesn’t save the game. I sound strict but that’s our business here I think, not to praise teen idols…. To it’s best, For the Demented sounds like a mix of B-sides of 2005 era Megadeth with “Metal” from 2007 and “Annihilator” from 2010… So maybe, the question is: Is Jeff Waters the biggest lost talent in the history of thrash? And why it took you so long to figure it out…