Genre:SymphonicPower Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label:Rockshots Records
Year: 2022

Anthea is a new band from U.S.A. They releasde their first album “Illusion”, in 2020. They didn’t manage to promote it because of the covid but this also had a good effect. They prepared carefully their second album “Tales Untold”, which sound more mature in all respects. For those who are hearing about this band for the first time, lets’ say that is a major Symphonic/Power metal band. Listening to them, you understand that their main influences are bands like Nightwish, Kamelot and Wintersun. Beyond the Symphonic/Power backround, they have a particularly melodic and dynamic sound. They don’t sound one – dimensional, because they have influences from progressive to thrash metal. However, their main intention is to build a rather cinematic and diverse sound. The keybords have a primary role only in the slow songs. Τhey give a lot of space to guitars and riffing. Beyond all this, a great advantage they have is the very good voice of Diego Valadez. In a very demanding genre, they manage to sound better on this album on all levels compared to their debut. If they manage to improve even more in composition, in the future they will be heard by more people. Nonetheless, “Tales Untold” is unreservedly recommended to all the fans of Symphonic/Power.