Anti-Flag, Pittsburgh-based punk stalwarts announced their new album, “American Spring”, which is their Spinefarm Records debut, due out on May 26.

The band has shared the front and back album artwork. There are plenty of ways the viewer can interpret the vivid artwork, as the front cover features a woman wearing a black hajib veil, while the back cover features an American soldier in combat fatigues. Both of their faces are obscured by an exploding pink flower.

On March 31st, the first track of the album, “Fabled World” will be premiered worldwide.

The “American Spring” album tracklisting is as follows:

1) Fabled World
2) The Great Divide
3) Brandenburg Gate
4) Sky Is Falling
5) Walk Away
6) Song For Your Enemy
7) Set Yourself On Fire
8) All of The Poison, All of The Pain
9) Break Something
10) Without End
11) Believer
12) To Hell With Boredom
13) Low Expectations
14) The Debate Is Over (if you want it)