Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Totenmusik
Year: 2018

I had never put any effort into listening the records of the German band called Antlers. Between you and me, due to a very unexplained reason, I never liked the band’s name, so I didn’t choose to pay some attention. Well, good choice, you moron, I know say to myself. Well done. I let time slip through my fingers along with the band’s releases, thus I missed probably one of the best records of this year. Antlers, three years after releasing their debut, have now released their second full album, “Beneath.Below.Behold.” and I admit, that was a painful punch from reality. Let me elaborate. Despite the fact that in the last few years there have been countless bands that have sprung up trying to play atmospheric Black Metal – it has been quite fashionable especially for the past five years – few have managed to sound really fresh while sticking to an already successful recipe. I think that Antlers belong in this category. In very objective comments, we are talking about a record that’s full of tension and increased speeds for the most part, but there are quite a few breaks in the rhythms, resulting in a “wavy” evolution. At those moments when the rhythms slow down, the theatricality and drama of the compositions create an extremely emotional mood. The special characteristic of the album is the dark but at the same time very bright and refreshing energy it releases. It offers peace and war simultaneously. This atmosphere I would say is also intensified by the post elements that Antlers have incorporated in the compositions, while the lyrics that speak of death, dreams, existentialism and paradoxes are also working towards this direction. Both music-wise and concept-wise, the tracks offer plenty of crescendos that trigger a similar emotional reaction. In terms of production, we are talking about a very complete and laid-up work that allows each instrument to breathe. I honestly think that “Beneath.Below.Behold.” Is one of the best releases for 2018. It’s been long since I lastly listened to something that truly has a soul. The album offers an ideal proposal for those moments of isolation that we love. “Beneath.Below.Behold.” was released on CD and vinyl on March 23th and digitally on April 7th.