Few days back Lamb of God shared a fan made video through Facebook of tiny ants doing what we would call a circle pit to the tunes of “Laid to Rest”.

While the video is spectacular, Lamb of God also asked the question why the ants would perform such strange behavior. Facebook fans with in an interest in biology came up with a quite compelling explanation. The ants’ circle pit was nothing less than a ‘circle of death’! Marcin Kozak commented:

It’s called circle of death – usually one ant follows other one in order to get to the place, u know that right? Sometimes system fails when the leading one starts to follow one of those behind, like something blocks the way so it ends happening like that. And they keep on going, till they all die. Circle of death.

Discovery Channel to the rescue!       Ants are metal as fuck…! By the way, did you know that muslims are die hard metal fans too? (Note: no disrespect to any culture or beliefs, this is just a fun video)