Canadian speed metal band Aphrodite, has just signed a deal with Fighter Records for the worldwide release of their first album ‘Lust and War’, scheduled for July 9, 2019 on CD and LP. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.


Tracklist for “Lust and War” is as follows:

01. Hades in the Night
02. Pandora’s Box Unleashed
03. Ares, God of War
04. Lightning Crashed
05. Penthaselia
06. Gorgon Medusa
07. Aphrodite, Queen of Lust
08. Orpheus Charms the Gods of Death
09. Thesus and the Minotaur
10. The Odyssey
11. Gladiators (Gladiators)

The group now presents the first song. Listen to the opening track ‘Hades In The Night’: