Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2017

It was March 2014 when a lightning hit the Arch Enemy fandom. Angela Gossow had left the band and Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist took over, behind the microphone. I remember feeling more than thrilled over it, since I was always blown away by Alissa’s vocal abilities, in contrast to Angela, who I thought it was a matter of time that her lungs will be spit out during one of her live performances. I knew that “War Eternal” would be one of the greatest Arch Enemy releases ever and it was. I was a little more happy when they also recruited almighty Jeff Loomis as their guitarist too. Three years have passed since War Eternal, and my expectations are higher than ever. When the first teaser of the album, the video for the “World Is Yours”, everyone has been talking about a new era.

“Will To Power” is the 10th studio album by this talented group of people. After the intro “Set Flame To The Night”, “The Race” comes up which has been written in its entirety by Alissa. Clearly, her contribution in the songwriting process took the band into some core direction and the track reminds me of her earlier works with the Agonist. Hoping the rest of the album does not sound like that, it goes on with some great tracks sounding like the familiar Arch Enemy people are used to, but with some new spices. “The World Is Yours” was love at first sight, and so was “The Eagle Flies Alone”. The thing is that the speed is lower in Will To Power than War Eternal and new elements are added, like some slow parts (in Reason To Live and in The World Is Yours), accompanied by clean vocals, beautifully altered with growl ones. Other personal favorites include First Day In Hell and Blood In The Water.

It looks like the rebellion is over and the band now writes motivational anthems for life instead of revolutionary marches. The sound is amazing, the production is amazing and the shape of the band is greater than ever. Will to Power is definitely not one of their best, but it is something great for the fans after three years of anticipation.