Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Country: Finland
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2021

Finns, Arion, are a relatively new band, as they count 10 years of presence in metal scene. Their EP in 2013, as well as their first complete work one year later, had mainly a national level influence, not resulting in a great boost of their reputation abroad. First worldwide recognition came in 2018, after the release of “Life Is Not Beautiful”, via AFM Records. “Vultures Die Alone” is to be released in a few days, finding the band in a more mature phase. Arion addresses to fans of symphonic, melodic, and power metal. With an obvious emphasis on melody, their songs are catchy, winning over the listener. Lassi Vaaranen’s beautiful voice is in total symmetry with band’s melodic lines. Another positive element is the elegant keyboards’ presence, allowing guitars’ breathing, while contributing in album’s intensity and duration without misbalancing the outcome. Also, positive impression leave guitar solos, that sound technical and professional. The production is, as expected, clean and modern. Arion are probably lacking a more grandiose composition that would have pushed them out of their comfort zone, as songs’ structure is pretty much predictable. But this is their best work so far, and that is exactly what we have to keep in mind. Fans of the aforementioned music genres will find “Vultures Die Alone” a great companion to deal with daily routine.