Does anyone know where Tallahassee is on the map? Ok I know you can fuckin’ google anything you want and it is possible to get the most available information for everything you want in a couple of seconds, as long as your internet connection is strong, but I mean if you were in a TV show and you’ve been asked for a million dollars “where is Tallahassee?” probably you will answer Africa or something less exotic than Florida. Well, Armor (a new punk hardcore, d-beat band) comes from the capital of Florida (yes Tallahassee is the capital of the state indeed) and this is the reason we cared so much about their hometown, ’cause they delivered a tremendous 7″ a couple of days ago. Armor plays raw, violent, straight forward, hostile d-beat hardcore punk that will make smash everything that comes in your way with authority. Four excellent punk anthems enriched with vitriolic screams and slamming d-beat rhythm that will please all fans of the genre out there. It came out on 5th of October via 11 PM Records.