Heavy, U.S.A., 2016, News, Video, Armored Saint, Metal Blade Records

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 2016

Releasing this live album seems more than expected, due to the celebratory mood of the band (and the label’s), considering the commercial success that the studio album “Win Hands Down” had, almost 2 years ago. What’s not expected, is that it’s been 28 whole years since the release of the first and second live album, of the Americans. Still, “Saints Will Conquer” -older readers will remember Greek Metal Hammer having it as a gift in an issue somewhere around mid to late 90’s- is almost 30 years old, so a live album is a great release for any fan of Armored Saint. To reverse the typical form of any review, I’m starting with the downsides and ‘Carpe Noctum’ has just one (and only one). Its short duration. 8 tracks only (5+1 classic ones and 2 from their last album), they’re probably not enough for the fans of the band. And that’s about it, can’t seem to find any other negative thing to say. The bands line-up itself, consisting of John Bush (vocals), Joey Vera (bass), Phil Sandoval (guitars), can raise the dead, so any type of comment would seem like an indignity or complete ignorance on these guys (as musicians and as a band) contribution. We all know that “Win Hands Down” and “Mess” are kickass songs, the fact that they can stand equal next to legendary tracks like “Aftermath”, “Reign of Fire”, “March of the Saint” and “Stricken by Fate” is the best proof that the Saint’s still have what it takes. “Last Train Home” is most likely the highlight of this album, while “Left Hook from Right Field” (from “La Raza” 2010), even though it’s not as popular and probably not expected to make it in this album (since “Loose Cannon” from the same studio album is a more live-oriented track), is of matching quality compared to the songs I previously mentioned, especially with the way Mr. Bush performed it.