Genre: Speed / Heavy / Thrash
Country: Sweden
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2018

When Armory’s debut entitled “World Peace… Cosmic War” came out (via High Roller Records in 2016), the punch I felt in the stomach with the first note was full and every riff and solo repeated the blow only in a different part of my body. An important factor was of course that I was not expecting it, but an even bigger one was the high level compositions, which are the definition of instant classic, that converted the initial awe to admiration in every listen. The 1987 like production done on purpose, the concept that brings in mind Agent Steel, the complete avoidance of easy listening hits, the distance from the sound of modern acts and the uniqueness of their music brings them in the same belly as speed / thrash legends like Deathrow, Holy Terror and Agent Steel, staying away from other bands of their generation like Ambush, Air Raid and Lethal Steel. Of course the last three bands are really good, but I want to emphasize the difference in approach both in the technical aspect and in the texture of the sound. The fact that they get inspired by science fiction, recent technological achievements, philosophy and other less complicated subjects than the mysteries of the universe like observing the stars, shows a band that has deep lyrics and looks for something different than the normal pattern for its unique sound. Personally speaking, the lyrics come second, because despite their futuristic style, the music is always on the forefront. Compared to their debut the compositions are more complicated, despite the fact that the tracks are not that long. “Vault Seven” is an epic piece with scourging vocals and guitars that one moment cry and another vomit flames. “Bringer of Light” is another highlight with the changes in rhythm -always in high frequency- where the riffs reap and the solos are hammering. “Hyperion”, “Polymorphic Intruders” and the closest they have to a hit, “Hisingen Warriors” that closes the record, are also a highlight. Powerful album, with powerful lyrics but one step down compared to their debut. We’re now waiting for the third and decisive album that will mark the band’s career.