Genre: Speed/Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2016

I honestly cannot figure out what’s the deal with the bands up there… Sweden is the capital of the worldwide extreme metal scene in recent days and the genres this scene includes are not just a handful. Attacks succeed one another constantly. My eye caught a few days ago in the World Wide Web a chart depicting the relation between the population of a country and the bands that are formed in it per 1000 persons. Greece was in the 4th place… What’s the point of having quantity if the quality is low? Sweden on the other hand, even though has a plethora of bands; their quality levels are over the roof. But, enough with all that. Armory were formed in 2010 from the ashes of Resurrector and recorded their first demo on December of the same year, with the title “Open Fire”. “S.M.I.“ (Acronym for “Speed Metal Island”, referring to Hisingen island of Gothenburg, their homeland) came next. It moved towards the same speed style and some promises (not that big though) were given by the band at that point. I still cannot figure out how they managed to make this huge leap and release such a great record. I don’t know and I don’t care. Yes, alien abduction crossed my mind for a little bit… Maybe it’s because of the punches that hit me each time the record spins combining with the astronaut on the cover. I really don’t know! Many of you may have grown tired of listening about bands that revive the ‘80s sound, but, holy crap, these guys do it better than anyone else. Based on Agent Steel, Savage Grace and Helstar, the band delivers uncontrollable riffs that sow mayhem and high pitched screams that repel hippies and stoners. No, there’s no chance of listening to this record in the bar where you hang out with your friends who study in Schools of Fine Arts or after a stoner gig, where you went with your boss, who fixates with Genesis and smokes a joint once every decade… Lyrics about the fall of humanity and comic aesthetics, with references to Outer Space, astronauts and extra terrestrial monsters. Great tracks that stick in your mind, like “High Speed Death”, “Hell’s Fast Blades”, “Artificial Slavery”, “Phantom Warrior” and the absolute 9minute wet dream “Space Marauders”. This is Heavy Metal. This is Speed. End of story.