Genre: Epic Power Metal
Country: Cyprus
Label: Pitch Black Records
Year: 2017

In a year that quantity dominated over quality (something common the later years), Dawn of Aquarius is an oasis between the thousand mediocre releases we heard in 2017. Astronomikon were the group who led me in Arrayan Path in 2013 when I heard Dark Gorgon Rising and impressed by the band, but more by the excellent voice of Nicolas, I got into those who released the album “Stigmata”. One of the best heavy metal albums coming from Greece, became one of my favorite bands and Nicolas one of my favorite singers. The truth is Arrayan Path had great albums before but with “Stigmata” we now have a landmark album for the group and with this album they set the bar quite high. Maybe that was the reason “Chronicles of Light” didn’t go that far even though it was a very good record, it just didn’t reach the level of “Stigmata”. With the vocals of Nicolas being a guarantee in every Arrayan Path record and the very good work at the guitars by Sokratis and Alexis, Paris on the bass and Stefan behind the drum kit, the compositions are bulky and are empowered by the keys of Giorgos, who gives color to the wonderful tracks, “Dawn of Aquarius” will give joy to heavy metal fans. The powerish “Εquibrium” that opens the record with “The Hundred Names of Kali Ma” and “Creations Grounds” have lots of elements from the East, while “Empress”, “Dawn of Aquarius” and the ballad “Guardian Angel” are among the best of the album. The best track, with a nomination for track of the year is the amazing “The Eleventh Mantra”. To sum up, I’d like to say to Nicolas that me and thousands more can’t wait to listen to a new work with him in the huge band named Warlord. Until then, ‘Dawn of Aquarius’ will be playing non-stop.