Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2020

Viva Las Vegas! Born and raised there in 1985, Arsynal continued their career in LA. The whole idea behind band’s formation was deceived from the depths of hot Las Vegas Desert. The band released their first demo, “The Genesis”, back in 1988. Acquiring pretty good reviews at the time, band’s sound was marked by its hard edged rock-ish metal range. It was about time an advanced limited edition reissue, to be out. Maintaining their melodic heavy metal endeavor, with “Mean Like” (rare 7’’ 1987’ single) and “You think it’s luv” add –on, Arsynal are successfully claiming a top position among the best underground US Metal bands. With personal fav being “Another Chapter of Love” and “Passion Lady”, Arsynal send you back to your genesis with their hard n’ heavy but yet melodic obscurity.

After the tremendous result obtained from recording ‘The Genesis’ demo, Arsynal moved to Hollywood Glam Slam and joined forces with vocalist Mark Stewart, thereby attacking and razing the Los Angeles band circuit. With Mark, the band was more than prepared for what the future would bring. To be more specific, Paul Montgomery’s guitar playing was even better and Mark’s powerful voice would take Arsynal to new heights. The highlight of this new lineup is the recording of ‘Millennium’, which for the first time has the official edition deserved! This album tends to be way more melodic than their previous work with a great deal of hard-rockish energy! With remastered sound this time all 12 tracks, set the scene for one of the most melodic metal of early 90’s. “True Believer”, “Hangin ‘On”, “Not Innocent”, the homonymous, the very dynamic and rhythmic “Standing in the Rain”, “Caught in the Middle”, “Love Ain’t no Crime” and “Wake Up” are great examples of melodic heavy metal with plenty of hard rock elements. To be honest this one differs a lot from their first demo, but after all it’s 80’s Vs 90’s again, so band’s sound couldn’t had been the same. For those not familiar with the band I totally recommend to check this one out. If you‘re a Dokken/Q5/Black n’ Blue/Hericane Alice fan, you ‘re totally gonna love “Genesis”, while “Millennium” give 90’s a hard melodic reference point!