Arthur Brown announces his new solo album “Long Long Road” for the end of June and at the same time introduces the title track.

Arthur Brown’s new album will be released on June 24, the rock singer’s 80th birthday. The disc was recorded at Sonic Scoops Studios in the UK and produced by Brown with Rik Patten. Arthur reveals:

“I wrote both the album and this song in close collaboration with Rik Patten, a good friend and a great musician. While we were making ‘Long Long Road’, a lot of disturbing things happened around the world – as they are now happen again. Rik and I felt like we should ask humanity to look back over the course of our planet’s history and see how dangerous yet full of promise all human life is. We are all on this long, long walk for us A path along the way that in truth never ends It seems we all carry both darkness and light within us.

At crucial moments, darkness emerges from deep neural pathways to extinguish the light. The song ‘Long Long Road’ is about hope and love. The song is an anthem that reminds us that we can make concrete choices that affect our path. We determine how we behave, the stories we listen to and what we tell ourselves. Ultimately, it is we who act and make us who we are. The question is, in this eternal moment, when we look at the big picture as if it was the first time, do we as humans find a community of life that is connected in love?”

The two CD artbook is also available separately and includes liner-notes by Arthur Brown, enhanced artwork and photography, and two exclusive studio recordings. Long Long Road will also be available on black 180g vinyl LP, on transparent red 180g vinyl LP, and as a digipak CD.

“Long Long Road”-Tracklist:

1. Gas Tanks
2. Coffin Confession
3. Going Down
4. Once I Had Illusions (Part 1)
5. I Like Games
6. Shining Brightness
7. The Blues And Messing Round
8. Long Long Road
9. Once I Had Illusions (Part 2)