Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Denmark
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2018

The Danish Artillery is one of the most credible forces in the European thrash metal scene and in the second comeback in 2007 and then the most credible and productive. It is unfair to be mentioned by a portion of fans only for the excellent By Inheritance, and even if we accept that this is their non-negotiable top, they have since offered a multitude of memorable records. This comes to prove firmly their new work The face of fear. Here, we will be glad to offer all the features of their sound that we loved over the years. Michael Dahl’s vocals, apart from being psychotic, are also melodic, to the point where they bring to mind, especially in choruses, the good moments of the testament. The rhythm section is robust, serves the compositions, while being promoted by the well-known modern production of the disc. I left for the end of the album guitars as I consider them the big trump of this album. Very nice issues that make the difference while the solos are well played. You will not just hear thrash riffs but also many classic metal and power parts that in combination with vocals make Artillery accessible to a wider audience. It’s the thrash that over his angry character will make you tighten your fist in the air but also sing the chorus loudly. All the songs on the disc stand stand-alone and there is not the slightest suspicion of filler. Disc that preserves and grows the legend and the name of the band and stands out from their nostalgic colleagues who are only buffering their past.