Genre: Death Metal / Doom
Country: Germany
Label: Trollzorn Records
Year: 2018

As I have mentioned in a previous article, we are simple men and we like our Death Metal raw, stormy and –when the circumstances are perfect – a bit slow. Bands such as Bolt Thrower and Asphyxnot only became the heroes of our teenage angst, but have laid the foundations on which our subsequent personal choices on extreme sound were based. From time to time, bands emerged that rejuvenated the path that was previously paved by the above-mentioned bands, keeping the flame alive as we say, preventing the genre from withering. Bands like Chaosbringer, Hooded Menace and go on. So, not so long ago, I discovered Atomwinter, a quartet from Germany’sSouth Saxony, who do exactly that. They filter their main Death Metal influences and produce a Bolt-Thrower-based music that satisfies my soul.

Atomwinter appeared somewhere in 2010 with wild moods. Reaching 2018, they releasedtheir third full length albumlast February, via Trollzorn Records. Forty minutes of well-done, monolithic Death Metal, with Doom nuggets but a lot of vintage-feeling attached to it. They breatheas old-school fire, however, they are not retro lovers, as their tracks are sophisticatedand their sound is solid. We are talking about an album with excellent production, with very clear – but not extremely polished – sound, with all the instruments having the necessary space to breathe. There are many changes in the rhythms, without howeverultimately losing in energy. The atmosphere that is created is mostly dramatic and somewhat ominous, leaving an aftertaste of primitivism. Guitars arebulky, low-tuned, sending earthquake-like vibrations to your head, while the drumming is top-notch. Again, on the positive side I’d also like to include the vocals, the wilderness of which brings the album to even higher levels of quality. The recordings took place at Metal Sound Studio, while the mixing and master were handled by Torsten Sauerbrey. The album was released on CD and in 12 “vinyl, beyond the digital version of the album.Inconclusion, ‘Catacombs’ may not be that innovative in playing terms or compositional originality, but it’s a really good record as a whole, worth investing in your time on, especially if Death Metal is your thing.