Genre: Death Metal
Country: Canada
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Year: 2021

Many eyes and ears turned to Atræ Bilis, which their name has a Latin origin meaning black bile, from ātra the nominative feminine of āter (“dark, black”) + bīlis (“bile”). A calque of the Ancient Greek μελαγχολία (melancholia) “atrabiliousness”, from μέλας μελαν- (melas, melan-) “black, dark, murky” + χολή (chole) “bile” since according to early physiology, the excess of black bile in the human body was to result in melancholy, Well Atræ Bilis last year’s debut EP entitled “Divinihility” put them on the map with a huge blow. Wisely the band from Canada taking advantage of the momentum and having all odds on their side are releasing immediately their debut album, entitled Apexapien. The album doesn’t go far from their first EP.

The monstrous guitars, the ferocious growls and the pummeling drums create a concrete sound in which chugging riffs upon chugging riffs barrage given with surgical precise as the band emphasizes on technical perfection. The songs are very linear and don’t repeat passages very often, full of energy, brutal, dynamic and challenging. There are plenty of eerie dark melodies and you can hear some Immolation and Gorguts elements while the band is definitely influenced by Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal. Lyrically speaking we are dealing with concept once again about exploration of ego-dissolution.

In 32 minutes long record Atræ Bilis managed to make an album that can look in the eyes Ulcerate in terms of atmosphere and songwriting. Apexapien is a strong release that will keep busy the tech-death metal universe for a long time…Highlights: “Hymn Of The Flies”, “Lore Beyond Bone”, “To Entomb The Aetherworld” and “Open The Effigy”.

The album is out via 20 Buck Spin.