Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Norway
Label:Napalm Records
Year: 2018

For some unknown reason, extreme metal fans easily get mesmerized by Hard Rock projects consisting of members known for their past in the (more) Extreme Metal genres. They love seeing members of Black/Death Metal bands, forming Hard Rock/Hair Metal projects. Regardless of any meaning behind this new direction, if the material has any purpose, then we will definitely check it out and even purchase it, if it’s of any worth. But what happens if it’s not? Well, yeah, older fans will always be loyal. “It’s worth a listen”, “there’s a lot of potential”, “there are some important figures of the music genre in this band, man”. Aundrey Horne is a typical case of a project band that “ran out of gas” since the very beginning. Yeah, a name known to the few that grew up in the 90’s, but even the 5-year-olds now know about Twin Peak, since we live in the internet era. Give it a fucking rest. There are some members of Enslaved and Gorgoroth in this, and so fucking what? “Come on man, these songs are amazing!” “-NO, THEY’RE NOT!”. They’re not even fucking mediocre. Everything else apart from the artwork that reminds me of the legendary “Hypgnosis”, is borderline awful. The compositions, performance and the almost disturbing vibe that makes college Rock sound like Death Metal, they all suck. One of the most disturbing evenings of my entire life was this Sunday evening of January 2018, when I was forced to sit down and listen to this trash while trying to write a line or two about it. Thank you Finger Elev…eerm sorry, I meant Aundrey Horne…