Genre: Folk/ Accoustic Rock
Country: Finland
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2018

Music from the depths of Wonderland, from the rabbit’s hole, beyond every fantasy…those words come in mind when people think of the great Tuomas Holopainen, the poet and the mastermind behind Nightwish’s keys. This time Tuomas teamed up with his wife, Johanna Kurkela and Troy Donockley (also in Nightwish) to create a project entitled Auri. This project helped Tuomas’ fantasy and composing ideas open wide when he didn’t have much inspiration to make new music for Nightwish; Auri was his shelter.

Auri’s debut album is brought to the light of the day as of March 2018 and yes, it has nothing to do neither with Nightwish, nor with metal in general. It is more folk-based, since Troy was in charge of pretty much every instrument; guitars, pipes, whistles. All those, adding Johanna’s child-like vocal tone and Tuomas’ surreal ideas brought a complex of soothing sounds, lullabies and beautiful tones from the wild. “I Hope Your World Is Kind” is somehow a “Turn Loose The Mermaids” rip-off, while “Skeleton Tree” and “Underthing Solstice” are more “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”- like. Most songs are not distinguished seperately though; the entire album could be an one hour long master piece, with piano/pipe alternations, female/male vocals alternations and ethereal sounds that take the mind to forests, oceans and to each beautiful scenery Tuomas has in mind when he creates his beautiful music.

So, if you want metal, you won’t find it here. You’d better wait for the next Nightwish album. This was a break from Nightwish and suits me just fine. Great music to listen to before going to sleep or during travels to the wild. If you like Nightwish’s slow moments, such as Meadows Of Heaven, Islander, Slow Love Slow and My Walden, or his “Life and Times Of Scrooge” project,you’ll probably adore this first Auri release. Here’s to more in the future.