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Genre: Psychedelic Sludge/Doom
Country: Greece
Label: Sound Effect Records
Year: 2018


Greek Automaton have recently released their second full length album, entitled ‘Talos’. Compared to their previous releases (their debut and an ‘Ep) this one is darker, heavier and more suffocating, but still psychedelic. Exactly like the amazing cover artwork, made by Viral Graphics.

The Athenians crafted a concept album. They managed to awake Talos, the mythological giant and bronze guard of Crete and King Minos. Through the lyrics and the atmosphere created by their music, we are following Talos in our modern era. Musically, Automaton are moving in psychedelic doom paths flooded with sludgy mud. It is really pleasant that they’ve added some elements that are intensely flirting with post-black metal. You can easily get into the album’s mood, by listening to the opening track ‘Trapped In Darkness’. The atmosphere is suffocating, chaotic, terrifying and truly heavy. The highlight of the album is definitely ‘Talos Awakens’, with the guest appearance of Psarantonis (a Cretan folk singer/ composer) behind the microphone and the Cretan lira. This experiment is totally successful and the song is one of my favorite for this year. ‘The Punisher’, another highlight of the album, is the most explosive track of the release, that describes the fight of Talos against any injustice on earth, before he ‘Submerged Again’ into the dark and abysmal ocean depths.

In my humble opinion, Automaton managed to craft one of the best albums for the genre, for this year. It will certainly satisfy fans of doom/death, sludge and psychedelic doom metal genres. The 48 minutes will not be enough for most of you and the use of repeat is required. A highly addictive release that is highly recommended.