Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Peaceville Records
Year: 2020

Releasing a live album during the second wave of a pandemic and the second quarantine is like putting salt in the wound as most metal heads around the world miss the live experience. Oakland finest just before the world decided that a flu or poverty can kill humanity recorded their show in Reggie’s Rock Club on March 7th in Chicago. Sixty six minutes of pure hate and eternal hymns of Death Metal is what you get in Autopsy’s new album entitled with the simplistic title “Live In Chicago”. After all Chris Reifert announces their presence on stage and welcomes you in the album with a growl saying: “We’re Autopsy… and we play death fucking metal’. I guess that is more than enough …and you can imagine that this works a kind of a best of collection and it damn works fine. Seven songs, taken from the debut from 1989 will please old school die-hards while a new song entitled “Maggots in the Mirror” is so cool that makes us counting the days for the upcoming studio album. The song is an up-tempo killer that suits perfectly with the bands ultra-classics on the set list. 33 years of career isn’t so easy to be covered in one hour but still most of their gems are here. The performance of the band is great and the set list ends with a cover on Bloodbath’s “Fuck You”. Not bad at all. Last but not least I have to mention the excellent artwork cover created by Wes Benscoter (Slayer, Nile, Kreator).