Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Peaceville Records
Year: 2014

Being formed almost three decades ago and disappearing for 15 years, the Californian’s seventh album still sounds like old Autopsy! This, in few words, means a mix of death metal foundation and punk rock, old school metal, doom moments and horror movies soundtrack swirls. For sure its freaking heavy, bringing in listeners mind their classic early ’90s era, the lyrics are expectedly gory and you can hear extreme all over it! The unbelievable ability Autopsy have to mix doomy sections with traditional death metal and in some parts even faster grindy parts, its more than obvious in this album, and it’s the main ingredient here.

On some tracks of the album they slow the tempo down to a complete halt and then speeding it back up to a frenzy charge. It often makes you wander during the hearing if old school Paradise Lost worked with an American grind-death metal band on a new album. ‘Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves’ keeps the dynamic style Autopsy had all these years, the guitars are perfect. It’s not common to find shredding on a death metal album, but the solos here are spot on and with a great variety of memorable riffs the guitar duo of Autopsy guiding us to all the dark and terrifying places of our nightmares. Of course lyrics stinks with goar and we wouldn’t be speaking of an Autopsy album without the lyrics being morbid, rotting and sickening, doing their part to form this horror death metal that the band likes to play, and serves more than well.

One thing is for sure in this chaotic marriage of extreme metal styles, Autopsy put their darkened souls on this album and the result will delight all their previous fans, and in my opinion bring some new to them.