Genre: Doom Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2019

Avatarium began as the idea of the ever-restless Leif Edling, who in addition to Candlemass, tends to channel his inexhaustible talent elsewhere. The core clearly remains close to Doom Metal, but on the one hand, there is a bigger music diversity, and flexibility and again, there are the vocals of Jennie Ann Smith who give a melancholy charm to the final result. Edling’s health problems limited his involvement with the band and especially live performances, but even so, contributes to the synthetic sector. Those of you who are fans of the past work of the group, will not be disappointed by their new recorded piece. This time, the very long compositions are missing, which makes them more direct. The record is again quite smoky and endoscopic. Melancholy and atmosphere meet with absolute mastery. From the pure Doom of “Voices” to the more american “Lay Me Down” and from the immediacy of “Porcelain Unicorn” and “Epitaph Of Heroes” to the final ballad, “Stars, They Move”. The band has managed from the beginning to acquire a musical identity and on this occasion, it is also headed towards it. Music that fills you with thoughts and feelings without unnecessary acrobatics, with Jennie Ann Smith being the priestess of ritual. Maybe this time it lacks the/a composition that will lift you up but we’re talking about an album with alternating dynamics, being so very well-crafted that it is meant to be heard in its entirety, and not piecemeal.