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Sweden’s doom darlings AVATARIUM are back with their third studio album entitled ‘Hurricanes And Halos’ will take the world by storm on May 26th and today, the band unveils the album cover. The artwork was once again created by Erik Rovanpera, who already designed the cover art of the band’s debut album, and shows a mystical creature inspired by the epic track ‘Medusa Child’.

AVATARIUM‘s ‘Hurricanes And Halos’ will consist of eight long tracks:

1. Into The Fire / Into The Storm (4:14)
2. The Starless Sleep (4:47)
3. Road To Jerusalem (5:48)
4. Medusa Child  (9:00)
5. The Sky At The Bottom Of The Sea (5:25)
6. When Breath Turns To Air (4:46)
7. A Kiss (From The End Of The World) (7:14)
8. Hurricanes And Halos (3:32)