Saying that you are a fan of American extreme sound can mean a lot of things, different to each other. You could be a fan of Florida Death Metal or Bay Area Thrash, even of New York Hardcore or of muddy and swampy New Orleans Sludge and Cascadian Black Metal, as also of so many important trends that got connected with certain areas of this vast country. But for the most part of it, the American sound can be found in the offspring or even the genuine successor of Rock ‘n Roll. This guitar based and often danceable sound with arousing parts, easy sung choruses and catchy melodies hat helped raise generations of fans. Axtion from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with just one studio album managed to enter the golden Rock ‘n Roll Bible. Not as originators or even rejuvenators of the genre, but as a band who served it with such warmth and sincere love that in three years of existence left a small but memorable specimen, which is a definition of devotion and youthful excitement – ode to the genre. Those of you who like this mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from the other side of Atlantic will find many similarities with Riot, Armored Saint and early Motley Crue and many more bands that move or shone in the blurred borders of these sub-genres. The short-lived band was marked by member changes and completely wrong choices in decisions of major importance that would change their future forever. But Rock ‘n Roll myth is made by choked dreams, teenage impulses, destroyed careers and signatures in bad contracts at the wrong timing. This can’t change any more and maybe they would never make a bigger career if their potentials were enough just for the status they have now, that of a quality underground act. And something else that can’t change is their ability to write good songs, Look Out for the Night is a hymn with an amazing intro and Fury of the Tempest is an outright great energetic song that sweeps you away. The re-release is well made focusing on the sound since the digital remaster has been through a vinyl copy of the first edition, so hats off to mister Bart Gabriel who took over the production for the final result. It comes along with a 16-page book with many photos of the time it was first released as also all the lyrics. It is a very good album full of zing and this 80s cult feeling, very much entertaining and leaving you with a sweet taste in the mouth.