Genre: Death Metal
Country: Denmark
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2021

Baest, comes from Denmark, Europe’s Canada. Wondering why is so? The answer is quite simple… Denmark’s scene may not have a huge bands’ capacity, but each and every one of them is an absolute guarantee. Impressive is also Beast’s invasion in Denmark’s scene. Formed in 2016, they have already released three complete albums. Third in the row is this year’s “Necro Sapiens”. Baest enjoy what they do. They are masters of old school death metal. Without aiming to be pioneers, they still honor their roots, primarily as fans. All members are capable players and insiders in relation to their influences. The outcome is a pleasant death metal record. Their weapon is their groove, giving the album an overall solid sound. Combined with rare melodic parts in some of their riffs, the band reminds us Bolt Thrower’s glorious days. Their previous album ends up with a cover of “No Guts, No Glory”. When speeding up, Beast create a totally creeping atmosphere similar to Morbid Angel’s. This is far more obvious if you take also into consideration Simon Olsen’s vocals, being out of this world. The rather “erotic” mood of the album, suits perfectly with the beautiful cover, as well as with the lyrics of entire their songs. Titles such as “Abattoir”, “Goregasm” and “Sea of ​​Vomit” stand out. Baest is one of the best bands nowadays in their field. There is no doubt that “Necro Sapiens” is about to satisfy all fans of old school death metal.